Company name fuzzy matching is multi directional discipline. Apart from simple string based match, it also needs the expertise of a data scientist to analyze the data and create algorithm, a large data dictionary for company name synonym, acronyms and variations, a database of acquired company and ability to apply custom resolution rules. We use a fuzzy match engine called Vyakar. Here are some of the common match features Vyakar Fuzzy logic has..

Company Suffix

There are many legal company suffixes. These legal suffixes vary by country and states. Vyakar’s fuzzy match logic has inbuilt intelligence to identify legal suffix and eliminate as necessary.

- Synonym and Acronym Match

- Geo focused Match

- Merger and Acquisition Match

- Special Words Match (like & to “and”)

- Entity Match rather than Name Match (such as IIT, Delhi - Delhi IIT)

- Manual Resolution

- White List/Black List