Effectiveness of fuzzy matching software

16 March 2015

Fuzzy matching also known as probabilistic record linkage mainly uses algorithm processes that are fuzzy logic to determine if there is any similarity in between the elements of the data. Fuzzy matching is different from the traditional database searching. The difference lies in the platform that the result for any query is mainly returned based on the almost relevant matches compared to a perfect match. The words and spellings that are searched for need not have to match the records of the database exactly for yielding results. The matched data can include some different spelling of the data and it can also be present in a different format.

Such database matching is also capable of calculating the record as well as the search terms that is actually related to a same thing. An example of fuzzy matching software is the different suggested search terms functions or the spell checkers used by the leading search engines. Fuzzy matching softwares can be used to clean data, deduplication of data and integration of data. These are the 3 most important components of data management that is necessary for any business, be it big or small. Any business needs to clarify that the data they collect is clean and accurate. All data must also comply with the legislation of the government.

Cleaning the database regularly is also very important as this helps to remove any duplicate data and also makes sure that the remaining data is flawless. This in turn helps you to run a highly efficient business. There is different company name fuzzy matching software which helps the business to match company names easily and effectively. Along with data cleaning, data integration is also another important part of data management. Integration of data involves taking together newly acquired data without negotiating with the value of the already existing data. Data integration also means taking together of information from various different business systems that helps in creating a single master record.

Numerous data cleansing softwares are there like Match 2013 and WinPure which incorporates the latest fuzzy matching algorithms in order to integrate, clean and deduplicate data. With the help of fuzzy matching duplicate names, company names, accounts and addresses can be spotted out easily. It can also help in spotting out the data that is incomplete or has been pre-entered into the database in various ways. Just like company name matching software, account name fuzzy matching software are also available which are of great importance for any kind of business.

Versatility and effectiveness are the two key aspects of these matching softwares. Any business can get benefited by using the data cleansing software that incorporates the fuzzy matching method. This type of software is in fact the ideal software that is used in marketing, banking, schools, telemarketing companies, universities and the retail sector. The marketing postage cost is also reduced by the use of these softwares as it eliminates the duplicate records of the company’s database making the data error free. The reputation of a business is increased at the end of the day by the use of such softwares.