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Fuzzy Match

Online System

Match online, real time. Just upload the master account records, along with a file to match and download the result within hours. No more waiting for weeks.

Fuzzy Match Online

Fuzzy Match

Powered by proprietary fuzzy matching algorithm and hundreds of rules, the results are outstanding. We are committed to provide the best quality match results.

Acronyms Match

Acronyms Match

Acronyms haunt everyone trying to fuzzy match company names. We take care of it all. We match well known, as well as not so well known acronyms with actual companies.

Acquisition Match

Merger & Acquisition match

Trying to match an old list with new list? Chances are that a few companies have changed names or have merged. We have extensive list of merger & acquisition to map the lists.

Black & White List

Custom Black & White List

You are in total control. Create custom rules to match companies so that competitors are always filtered out, or a specific set of companies are bundled.

Geo Sensitive Match

Geo Sensitive Match

Companies located in similar geography have higher match probability than out of region. Example, IBM California has higher propensity to match with IBM USA than IBM UK.


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How It Works

Upload Master List

Upload Master Company List

Upload the file containing master accounts or the names of companies against which you want to match the other file.

Upload Master List

Upload File To Be Matched

Upload the file you want to be matched against the Master Account or Companies. We call this secondary file.

Download Fuzzy Match Results

Download Results

Download the results file. Each record in the secondary file is mapped to a matching Master Company